This medical college is named after the "Queen Of Jhansi" MAHARANI LAXMI BAI. This medical college came into existance in 1968 to provide medical care to poor people of this region


Notice about the Tender 2016-17(New)

Tender For Supply of Equipments Year 2016-17 dated 19-09-2016 Last Date 27-09-2016(New)

औषधि एवम् सर्जिकल सामग्री की आपूर्ति एवं स्थानीय क्रय की निविदा वित्तीय वर्ष 2016-17 दिनांक 10-08-2016 अंतिम तिथि15-09-2016(New)

Tender For Supply of Ration, Milk, Surgical Equipments, Oxygen Gas, Stationary, Contingency, Surgical Dressing, Vehicle Parking, Supply of Vegetalbes, Construction & Maintenance for Year 2016-17 dated 10-08-2016 Last Date 23-08-2016(New)

Tender For Supply of Equipments Year 2016-17 dated 06-07-2016 Last Date 17-08-2016(New)

Important Notice to Firms for Supply of Equipments Dated 14-07-2016 (New)

Complaint Case of Mrs. Sunita Regarding Operation

Postpone of Interviews dated 25-06-2016 New Date of interview is 05-07-2016(New)

MBBS Teaching Schedule

Body Donate Form

Prof. N. S.Sengar

Dr.Harish Chandra

Dr.Smt. Vijay Laxmi
Public Relation Officer

Dr.Prabhakar Bais
Public Information Officer

Maharani Laxmi Bai Medical college Hospital Jhansi






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